July 24, 2009

Bum Day

A day where you just lay around;
You know, you pull out the PJs, or your sweatshirt, and you just chill. That's what I'm treating myself to today. Because tomorrow, I'm spending the evening with my friends. One of which is visiting from Arizona, so I'm excitedd :D

Being the blasian that I am,

I've decided to give credit to Asian streetwear. Its pretty amazing. It takes self expression to another level. Personality is expressed through clothing anyways, but to a more extreme level in some cases. + Why don't people here dress like that? I'd go ALL out (:

Hello Kitty!

I adore her, who doesn't? She's adorable. You can basically buy anything with her on it. A necklace, a toaster, a computer... a house. Now, idk about that Hello Kitty House, that just seems a TAD obsessive, but hey. Everyone's got a favorite thing. She got her start in Japan, and this year is her 35th anniversary. Here's to 35 more!

Luella Bartley;
A british Fashion designer, who's work I've really started to like. Her fall 2009 collection is sort of like a step into the 80's (my favorite decade) mixed with a school uniform. Its got blazers, short skirts, leather, and lots of shimmer.

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince!

This picture was taken at the New York premiere. Ever year at the London premiere of a new HP film, it rains. Its like a weird tradition. The movie came out while I was still at camp, (July 14th) and I still haven't gotten a chance to go see it. Have any of you? Was it good? The suspense is killing me. Its pretty crazy to see how Daniel, Emma, & Rupert have grown up. Its kind of sad. We've been watching them since they were just kids. Oh, and before I forget: Does anyone else find Rupert Grint INCREDIBLY cute? Or is it just me...

People keep spreading rumors about Michael Jackson having a 4th child;

He was at the Memorial. He's a Norwegian rapper named Omer Bhatti. Let me just say, that the boy is hot. Very hot. And he does look kind of like MJ. Theres no doubt about that. Well, atleast to me. I just kind of wish people would stop trashing Michael Jackson. Like in the news and stuff. The man was clearly a genius. If you wouldn't leave him alone while he was alive, atleast let him rest in peace. Have some respect.

Alright, thats it. But don't do anything dumb today;
like go and get yourself hurt. Stay safe, think about what you're going to do before you do it. Alright? Later (: