January 3, 2010

Hi. Hello. Happy New Year.

Whats up ?!

Happy New Year everyone, its the dawn of a new decade. Yes, you are probably pissed as a bitty that I haven't posted in, let's see... FOREVER. But, there is a perfectly good explaination for that, and I'm gonna give it to you. Ready? GO!
There you go. We good? Good. Now, on to business.

RIP Brittany Murphy

We keep losing such talanted young people...

Big Cartel Clothing.
Now, you might be thinking, wtf is Big Cartel ? But, its one of the coolest sites out there. Its a website where small clothing / art / craft designers can sell their art. Sites are based both here and in the UK. They all have AMAZING stuff; I've even ordered from some of the stores on there before. Some of the stores on Big Cartel are:


[live to love]

[Fully Laced]

Check the Big Cartel site, and I promise you wont be dissapointed!

Artist in The Spotlight; Adam Cruickshank
I ordered a shirt that he designed for Threadless sometime last year, and I came across some of his other work. I fell in love with it:

You like?

November 11, 2009

School is a real B.

I'm not kidding.

Did you get "No Ceilings" by Lil wayne? Because if you don't have that mixtape, you definately need to get it! Its some of the best stuff he's put out. Anyways, how was your Halloween? Mine was pretty sweet. And now that its over, it is officially the Holiday Season. With less than 7 weeks to prepare our Christmas lists, we've gotta get thinking, as well as get something to warm us up during these cold winter months. And I'm not talking coats ladies and gentleman ;)

I'm in love with the following men:

Justin Bieber.
Okay, excuse me for robbing the cradle here (even though the dude is only a year younger than I am) this boy is so cute I can't even take it. He has an INCREDIBLE voice, check out his latest single if you haven't already, "Favorite Girl" that came out last Tuesday.

Taylor Lautner.
Not going to lie, I do like Twilight. If you don't, its chill. But you cannot tell me that this kid isn't beautiful. I remember being like 10, seeing Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and thinking "Man, sharkboy is hot." Well he's even hotter at 17. Go see New Moon! In theaters November 20th.

Kwon "G-Dragon" Jiyong.
He's from my favorite korean boy band Big Bang, and I've always thought he was hot, but he's even hotter as a blonde. He released his first solo project this summer entitled Heartbreaker, and let me just tell you that every track is amazing. Just like his style, and of course, him.


Alright, so I'm straight. But I can't help but have a girlcrush on Rihanna. I guess you could say I kind of look up to her, but who could blame me? I mean, sure she's had her problems in the past, but she's overcome them with confidence, poise, and class. What more could you ask for? Check out her new single: Russian Roulette. Her album comes out November 23rd.

Vogue Paris, November 2009: Graffiti Couture.

So cool.

October 24, 2009

Silly Boy

I can't figure out if its Lady Gaga ft. Rihanna, or Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga,
but either way, they're both 2 of my favorite artist, and the song is sweet. Its yet another "Girl Power" song, with an awesome beat. I love it.

More New Music;

Chris Brown has a new single. Now, I made a personal stride in boycotting his music, but this new song, Crawl, in my opinion is one of his best vocal performances. Its a ballad, and its really pretty. And if its not about Rihanna? Then I have no idea who else its about.
Rock meets rap once again in this new song from Weezer featuring, get this: Lil Wayne. Its called "Can't Stop Partying", and its really good. Unusual combo's have the best outcomes. Weezer & Weezy? I like it (:

Cute Shoes and even Cuter Boys.
I love the shoes in this picture. They're Sperry boat shoes in red.
& I love the boy in this picture. He's a 19 year old aspiring model named Niko. I have his glasses (:

October 18, 2009

Paparazzi <3

You know you love me...

XOXO, Gossip Girl.. Geez, who am I today? Lady Gaga, or Gossip girl? I've got too much going on in my mind. Agh.

Soo, you know I'm all about the amateurs. Whether it be musician//model//photographer//artist//whatever you are, I think its amazing to be surrounded by people who are passionate about something. And when I came across this photo, not only did I love this girl's outfit, but I loved the amazing pose//quality. This girl's name is Callie, and she's from FL. She did this shot to show off those kick-ass shorts. They're Levi High-Wasted cut offs. I also LOVE that sweater, but she said she just found it in her mom's closet.

You really can find some amazing pieces in your mom's closet if you just snoop around for a while. & don't turn your nose up to thrift stores either. They have the best stuff, and for prices that are more than affordable.


So, I originally chose this picture because I think the guy is hot. He is. But, thats not the point ;) The point is, CHECK OUT HIS SHOES! They're Vans, and cost 45 dollars. This guy (Denny) is an amazing model, he's 22, and lives in New Jersey.

October 11, 2009

These streets will make you feel brand new. Big Lights will inspire you.

Let's here it for New York;

New Favorite? Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z. How do you not like that song? I don't understand it.

I first saw these shades on my "friend in my head", Rihanna. If you watch the Wendy Williams show, you know what that term means (:

So, of course, I had to wonder how the hell she could see through those. And to be honest, I still have no clue whatsoever, but I want them. They've been dubbed "Barracuda Shades" and were made by A-Morir. They go for $350.oo, but I'm sure you can get knock off's if you search for them!

September 19, 2009

Gaga For Gaga

I really like Lady Gaga as a musician;

But lately, I love her fashion sense. She's not afraid to be different from everyone else. Did you see her outfits at the VMAs? Not only were they original, but they were, in my opionion, awesome. Her performance was just as amazing. I love the song Paparazzi, and she couldn't have done it better.

House of Dereon

You might have heard that name associated with leading lady, Beyonce. And I have been hearing alot about it lately. Around here in Virginia, its almost Ringdance time. Now you're probably like: Alexus, wtf is a ringdance? Well, if you don't know, ringdance is the dance for all of the juniors where we recieve our class rings. Its basically Junior Prom. So, of course I'm going, and I'm looking for a dress. Not just any dress, but a dress thats different, something thats me. House of Dereon has alot of amazing dresses, and I'm thinking about getting one from there. AH! Help!

September 15, 2009



So, I finally reached 40. To be honest, I didn't think anyone'd actually be interested in my blog in the first place, but I guess I'm a little better at this than I thought, hahahaa. Thanks for following and stay tuuuuuuuuned.

Lack of updates.
Okay, don't shoot me. School started. Which is why I haven't been updating as much as I used to during the summer. I'll try to blog as often as I can, but it probably won't be everyday.

My Phone

Do not buy the LG Rumor. Its a piece of ish. I got it in December of 2008, I think. I've had nothing but problems with it. Everytime I sent it away due to problems, they just sent me a Rumor that was busted in a way that was more bearable. Thank GOD my contract is up. I'm getting a new phone tomorrow. The screen on my Rumor right now, is pretty much non-existant. When I turn it on, its just a blank white screen with some black pixels. Wtf? I typed LG Rumor in on Google, and the reviews are horrible. Everyone seems to have the same problems I did. Why don't they make quality stuff anymore?

The phone I'm getting;

Cool, right? The Samsung Reclaim. I checked it's reviews. ALL GOOD! Finally...

Check out the shirt I gottt

BAM! Sweet right? I'm wearing it now. Its called "The Motive" available on Threadless.