July 20, 2009


What does that spell?

Fresh! (:
I finally figured out how to get some music on here. Great, right? OH! & I was eating a fortune cookie earlier, guess what the fortune said: "Creative energy is up- capitalize on it". & it just so happens that I've been drawing like crazy... what could this mean? O.o

Okay, so I've gotta tell you;

My cousin Brandon (The other guy in the picture above) neglected to tell me that he knows Aubrey Graham (AKA Drake, Drizzy, etc.) otherwise known as Jimmy from my favorite show DeGrassi. He's also rapper, and a pretty good one. But still, WHY DIDN'T HE TELL ME?! I had to find out on my own. Then I was pretty tempted to smack him in the face, but I didn't. I kept my cool. & Not only is Drake a good rapper, he's also an excellent dresser, and.. he's absolutely gorgeous.

Why am I in love with Betsey Johnson?
Because she designed this bag:

Sneakers, kicks, skippers, trainers...

There is a new sneaker line coming from Mr. Kanye West himself. He colaborated with Louis Vuitton, which is no surprise because Kanye is the KING of luxury. The line is expected debut sometime around November; titled as Kanye West x Louis Vuitton


Its a clothing line//toy line//art line//book line done by artists from everywhere. Theres something for everyone, no matter what you're into. They have everything from plush toys to key chains, from hoodies to zipper-pulls and beyond. I love their stuff, the originality, the detail? Its all so legit. Their Fall 2009 collection drops on Thursday, August 6th.

Last but not least;

Alexandre Evans, or as most people refer to him: "that hot canadian kid that takes pictures", is an amazing designer//photographer//model, as you know from the sidebar (: He has is own line called "Heartbreaker Clothing" which he began at age 15. Now at 18, he's got alot to handle. I mean, after all, he is only a college student, but he does it all. He's even given his line a new edge, AND a new name. His line is now called "So Impolite".