August 10, 2009

The Cube // ACNE lookbook

Alright, idk if anyones noticed, BUT:
Stuff is just getting cheaper and cheaper by the year. They want you to pay more for stuff thats just gonna break in a month. I don't understand. You know how our parents and grandparents have things that they've had since they were young, and the stuff STILL works? Yeah, well I don't think our generation is going to have that experience, because all of our craps going to break because people like to make money. Does that seem fair to you? Because it sounds pretty messed up to me. When they're making cars like "The Cube":

what are they thinking? Do you know what will happen if they get into an accident with, oh, I don't know, a pick-up truck, they're going to get completely demolished. Its just not right. And they want me to pay $14,000 for a geometric shape with wheels? Yeah, its cute, but I'll pass. Because for some odd reason, I like to feel safe when I drive O_O

Personally, I want one of these:Its a 1980 Lincoln Town Car. Made out of steel. Imagine The Cube getting into an accident with THIS lovely old car. Sure its a little big, and I'd have to park in the back of most parking lots, but I'm willing to take that risk (:

&& With an outrageous paint job; like bright red or something, that car would be AMAZING.

In the Fashion World
A few looks from the ACNE Spring/Summer 2010 Women's lookbook.

I love these. I can't even pick a favorite.