August 21, 2009

HELLLPPP! Is This a Stupid Reason To Get Into a Fight With Someone?

Here's the breakdown;
Okay, I've been aquaintences with this guy (who I'll refer to as "Groupie") for a while.

Groupie is VERY cute, and I will admit to having a crush on him before school ended. Somehow he found out about this. Now, Groupie has had a crush on this one girl for about 2 years. She's never dated him, doesn't like him like that, and constantly steps all over him when she dates other guys. So basically she treats him like crap, but he keeps liking her.

For some reason after he found out about my crush on him, he started being an ass to me. So I started being an ass to him.

We both have the same circle of friends. My best friends older brother is really close with Groupie. Groupie was at their house the other day, and was talking to my best friend.

He asks her: Does Alexus hate me?
She says: I don't know. But you were pretty rude to her. I don't think you realize how you come off sometimes.

I texted him that night and said this. (The girl that he likes is referred to as "Scotch Tape") :
I don't hate you, you just pissed me off. I liked you for about a week and figured I was wasting my time. You'll always like Scotch Tape, and theres nothing I can do about that.

He doesn't reply. But, he goes back to my best friend's house the next day.

He says: So I got a text last night.
She says: You didn't answer it
He says: I was asleep
His friend says: No you weren't
He says: Well, I was tired.
She says: Tired enough not to answer a text?
He says: ALRIGHT! I just didn't know what to say to that. Like, I didn't even know how to react to that text.

That night, we finally texted eachother, he apologized, etc. But then he started being a dick again. So last night, I got pissed and said this:
Oh, and about hating you. You were right, and I still do.

Then when I woke up this morning, he texted me. It said:
Oh hey thanks for that message.

I don't know what to do guys. Help me.