August 25, 2009

Nii Qualified Clothing

Happens to be full of REALLY great stuff. Lots of bright colors and fun characters. My favorite k-pop group (Big Bang) are their main models/partners. It is not YET available in the US, but is rumored to be available here soon. On a side note, I'm super proud of Big Bang for releasing their first Japanese single called "Gara, Gara, Go!" Its sweeet. Check it out, and check out these clothes by Nii (Seoul, Korea):
Big Bang is VIP <3
A Few Shirts // Hoodies by Nii [Women's];


Some Unisex Shirts;

Nii Qualified also has things such as hats, ties, wallets, socks, and some denim stuff. You can see the Nii website here, or click their link in the links section at the bottom of the page.