August 23, 2009

On My Mind Today;

River Phoenix

As you know, he's my favorite actor, and he passed away in 1993. He was only 23, and today would be his 39th birthday. He was gorgeous, cared DEEPLY about animals and protecting nature, and extremely talanted. Happy birthday, River (:

Musical Vomit. Its from my sketchbook. I'm not finished with it yet, but I think it looks good so far (:

is about making a statement, letting your clothes express who you are. Give people a little insight. Whether its outrageous and bright, or form and fitting, give people something to talk about. Fashion throughout the ages has played a major role in the fashion of the new millenium, considering that we borrow from everywhere. Check it out...

Glam it up like Marilyn Monroe in the 50s

(Dress by Elle)

Do it like they did at Woodstock in the 60s and go all Jimi Hendrix:

(Dress by Diane Von Furstenburg)

Feather your hair and dress like Charlie's Angels in the 70s

Get a sweet leather band Jacket like MJ in the 80s
(1st jacket by Balmain, 2nd jacket by Fabsugar)