July 10, 2009


Okay, so believe it or not, I still haven't gone to Walmart to get the rest of the stuff I need for camp & we leave tonight at 10:45... WTF?! My mom says we're going "later" but I think otherwise (-.-)

Hayden Christiansen;
Well, the boy is gorgeous, not to mention an extremely talented actor. But I noticed something about his style. He always makes a simple outfit his own by adding something, like a hat, or maybe just some high top Nike's. & he pulls it off quite nicely. It kind of lets you know about his personality. He's laid-back, but has some quirks. I admire a guy who knows how to dress (:

I did this drawing about a month ago..? I liked it alot, thought I'd share.

The name that the designer of this incredible t-shirt goes by.

So, what am I thinking?
I'm thinking that I'm really excited for camp, but unfortunately I'll be out of service until the 17th, that means phone service, AND a lack of computers. So, no blogging for me ):

But no worries, it'll be over before ya know it. I'm sure I'll have ideas coming out of my ears, but I'll have my notebook and pens, so I'll definately be drawing and sketching. Creativity gets me through life, I swear ^_^
Alright, well I guess thats it.