July 7, 2009

First Blog.. Ever!

& right now, I'm thinking about Michael Jackson.
He was just too incredible. His style, his music, his personality—all timeless.
I am, and always will be, a fan of MJ's. Prayers go out to his family.
But I'm just glad he can be free now. Free from the criticism, the pain.
Long live the king?

On a happier note;
Have you ever had a funfetti cake? Because if not, you're missin' out.
I need to remember to use two boxes next time though,
because the cake's always gone in, like, a day...
( -.- )

On a creative note;
Here are some things in the art and fashion world that I think you'll enjoy. The pictures are links to the websites;

This print is called Underwater Disco, it reminds me of the kind of art I do, and it has incredible colors. It was designed by an artist that goes by the name of Gaunty. Its a t-shirt available in mens & womens sizes.

This design is called Squishie. Great graphics and a cool concept. Again, available in both mens & womens sizes.

This hoodie is from an organization that everyone thinks is a band; To Write Love On Her Arms.
Its not a band, but an organization against teen depression. They're also popular for their: Love Is The Movement shirts, which are also available on their website.

Being the Rubik's cube lover that I am, I thought this was pretty sweet. Showing the cube melting? Genius. Done by an Artist named Glenn. Available in mens & womens sizes.

This is called Freaknaut and was done by an Artist named Aaron Hogg. Men's and Women's sizes.

This print, called City 13 by Matei Apostolescu, is a print that is actually for an iPod cover. Its available for a video iPod and the iPod nano.

& last but not least:

This picture is the link to the website of a creative genius. He's an awesome artist that goes by the name of Electric Heat. Check him outtt!

Well, I guess thats all for today.
peacekidss (: