July 21, 2009

The world is an imperfect place.

People die,
Things get broken, things don't last, screws fall out, cars break down, we get sick, we kill, we exaggerate, we make others angry, we're selfish, we're judgemental, we're wrong... & the sad thing is, no one seems to be willing to do anything about it. We seem to be completely fine with living in a cloud where we don't experience real things. The effects of war, hunger, corruption. All I'm saying, is that somethings gotta give. Open your eyes and free your mind. Alright? Alright. I'm done ranting now (:

Agness Deyn!

I love this chick. She's a runway model who makes it her goal to live (and dress) outside of the box. With her signature style and blonde pixie haircut, she's unique and hard to miss.

House of Holland
A line by Henry Holland, an eccentric & outspoken designer who is a good friend of Agyness Deyn's. My personal favorites in his line are definately the graphic tee's. The shirts are bright, fun, and they always have something to say. So if YOU have a message for the world, you can let the clothes do the talking for you.

Mitchell Davis & Kyle Sibert;

Most of you know Mitchell as "that hot funny kid from youtube with the awkward friend!". But Mitchell Davis is also a really incredible filmmaker//photographer. He's got 261,705 subscribers (and counting) on Youtube. Its pretty amazing, considering he's just some kid from a small town in Ohio. Alot of his videos are done with his best friend, Kyle...who looks alot like Andy Samberg. They're both also big into charity, they love to get involved which is awesome. If you haven't seen ANY of Mitchell's//their videos, then I suggest you watch them because most of them are pretty effing hilarious, and Kyle and Mitchell are pretty smokin' ;)

Well, I've gotta go get ready for a party;
Excited? Yes :D