August 8, 2009

The Great Gatsby

Has anyone ever read that book?

I HATE it when teachers assign books. Its like "Why can't I just pick out my own?". My english teacher assigned us this book last year and I was not excited about it at all. But I actually ended up liking it.. alot. Read it, just because its summertime doesn't mean that you can completely let your brain turn to mush. Its a great book. Its scandalous. Its awesome.

Roxxilla (RXLA) Clothing

I love graphic design (its what I do) & I love up and coming graphic designers. Roxxilla Clothing is an idea in the works from a really talented guy named Chris. His designs are amazing, and thats just one of the many.

Agape Attire;

Just another new clothing line with incredible designs. Founded by a guy and a girl who found inspiration on a trip to Europe in 2006, and it really came together once they got some friends involved.

I'm officially in love with Joey Rozmus;

So, you probably recognize this guy as "The kid who just got kicked off of The Real World: Cancun". Well, I've had the most pitiful crush on him since the first episode aired, and so have most of my friends. He's the deep//guitar- playing//artsy//funny//band-boy that every girl pretty much dreams of. His band (Late Nite Wars) is SO legit. Check them out on myspace. I'll put it in the links section (bottom of page)