August 17, 2009

Interracial Love // Other Thingss.

A Question;

Ready for it? Well, here it is: Have you ever noticed that alot of white guys don't // won't date outside of their race? Even alot of white girls. Is it because another race (asian, black, hispanic, etc.) is just not attractive in your opinion? Have you not come across one that you've liked in that way? Is it something your parents have barred you from doing? I'm just curious. Me and my bestfriend Julia made a Youtube video asking our viewers this question, encouraging video responses and comments. Whats your opinion? Have you ever been in a situation involving interracial love? Because personally, I think its a beautiful thing. Without it, I wouldn't be here. If you answer, you will not be judged.


Alright, I will admit that some celebrities take the fake glasses trend to an unecessary level, but a pair of subtle ones? NICE. I even got myself a pair a few months back, and they're pretty sweet. Don't over-do it, find a frame thats good for your face shape in a color that you like. Let's see if you can you rock them.


Summer's coming to a close, and that means the cold weather is going to (slowly) start rolling in sooner or later, meaning you've probably outgrown your fall & winter jackets from last year... or you just want a new one. I'm looking into a Michael Jackson replica of the 'Beat It' Jacket. I've found alot of them, but VERY FEW in a reasonable price range. Remember what it looked like?

AH! I'm gonna find that jacket for a good price. I promise (:


She's a former Raido Show host. Outrageous as she is, I think she's brilliant. She's not afraid to cause a controversy or start a riot. She says whats on her mind with NO apologies for it. She's freaking hilarious, and I'm SO glad she's got a TV show now. BUT, I WILL WARN YOU: Wendy is not for everyone. People either really love her, or completely hate her. Atleast give her a chance and check her out. Her show comes on during the week on most FOX stations (The timing depends on where you live) & the Episode is always repeated on BET at 11 PM