August 16, 2009


By The Knux;

I can't stop listening to that song. If you've never heard of The Knux, but you like the Cool Kids, then chances are, you're gonna like them too. They've got alot of good rhymes and beats. Their album (Remind Me In 3 Days...) was released in October of 2008, and I really hope they come out with another one soon. Check them out, they're MAD talented.

Be Bold.

These jeans, designed by Daang Goodman for Tripp NYC are AWESOME. There are lots of bold prints, colors, and patterns, so I guarantee that theres a pair for absolutely everyone (:

Coolrain Dunkey;

With a funky name like that, you've gotta be a genius, right? Right. He's known for his extremely popular action figures and his work with Nike. His action figures range from small to lifesize like the monkey, or in this case "Dunkey", shown in the picture. I think its great.

Paris Jackson;

With eyes like that, this girl is going to be GORGEOUS! All of MJ's kids are adorable, but I think Paris has model potential, don't you? Its not always the "conventionally pretty" girls that get the covers of magazines. But the ones with a beauty that is different from all of the others. Support the Jackson Family <3