October 18, 2009

Paparazzi <3

You know you love me...

XOXO, Gossip Girl.. Geez, who am I today? Lady Gaga, or Gossip girl? I've got too much going on in my mind. Agh.

Soo, you know I'm all about the amateurs. Whether it be musician//model//photographer//artist//whatever you are, I think its amazing to be surrounded by people who are passionate about something. And when I came across this photo, not only did I love this girl's outfit, but I loved the amazing pose//quality. This girl's name is Callie, and she's from FL. She did this shot to show off those kick-ass shorts. They're Levi High-Wasted cut offs. I also LOVE that sweater, but she said she just found it in her mom's closet.

You really can find some amazing pieces in your mom's closet if you just snoop around for a while. & don't turn your nose up to thrift stores either. They have the best stuff, and for prices that are more than affordable.


So, I originally chose this picture because I think the guy is hot. He is. But, thats not the point ;) The point is, CHECK OUT HIS SHOES! They're Vans, and cost 45 dollars. This guy (Denny) is an amazing model, he's 22, and lives in New Jersey.