October 24, 2009

Silly Boy

I can't figure out if its Lady Gaga ft. Rihanna, or Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga,
but either way, they're both 2 of my favorite artist, and the song is sweet. Its yet another "Girl Power" song, with an awesome beat. I love it.

More New Music;

Chris Brown has a new single. Now, I made a personal stride in boycotting his music, but this new song, Crawl, in my opinion is one of his best vocal performances. Its a ballad, and its really pretty. And if its not about Rihanna? Then I have no idea who else its about.
Rock meets rap once again in this new song from Weezer featuring, get this: Lil Wayne. Its called "Can't Stop Partying", and its really good. Unusual combo's have the best outcomes. Weezer & Weezy? I like it (:

Cute Shoes and even Cuter Boys.
I love the shoes in this picture. They're Sperry boat shoes in red.
& I love the boy in this picture. He's a 19 year old aspiring model named Niko. I have his glasses (: