January 3, 2010

Hi. Hello. Happy New Year.

Whats up ?!

Happy New Year everyone, its the dawn of a new decade. Yes, you are probably pissed as a bitty that I haven't posted in, let's see... FOREVER. But, there is a perfectly good explaination for that, and I'm gonna give it to you. Ready? GO!
There you go. We good? Good. Now, on to business.

RIP Brittany Murphy

We keep losing such talanted young people...

Big Cartel Clothing.
Now, you might be thinking, wtf is Big Cartel ? But, its one of the coolest sites out there. Its a website where small clothing / art / craft designers can sell their art. Sites are based both here and in the UK. They all have AMAZING stuff; I've even ordered from some of the stores on there before. Some of the stores on Big Cartel are:


[live to love]

[Fully Laced]

Check the Big Cartel site, and I promise you wont be dissapointed!

Artist in The Spotlight; Adam Cruickshank
I ordered a shirt that he designed for Threadless sometime last year, and I came across some of his other work. I fell in love with it:

You like?