November 11, 2009

School is a real B.

I'm not kidding.

Did you get "No Ceilings" by Lil wayne? Because if you don't have that mixtape, you definately need to get it! Its some of the best stuff he's put out. Anyways, how was your Halloween? Mine was pretty sweet. And now that its over, it is officially the Holiday Season. With less than 7 weeks to prepare our Christmas lists, we've gotta get thinking, as well as get something to warm us up during these cold winter months. And I'm not talking coats ladies and gentleman ;)

I'm in love with the following men:

Justin Bieber.
Okay, excuse me for robbing the cradle here (even though the dude is only a year younger than I am) this boy is so cute I can't even take it. He has an INCREDIBLE voice, check out his latest single if you haven't already, "Favorite Girl" that came out last Tuesday.

Taylor Lautner.
Not going to lie, I do like Twilight. If you don't, its chill. But you cannot tell me that this kid isn't beautiful. I remember being like 10, seeing Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and thinking "Man, sharkboy is hot." Well he's even hotter at 17. Go see New Moon! In theaters November 20th.

Kwon "G-Dragon" Jiyong.
He's from my favorite korean boy band Big Bang, and I've always thought he was hot, but he's even hotter as a blonde. He released his first solo project this summer entitled Heartbreaker, and let me just tell you that every track is amazing. Just like his style, and of course, him.


Alright, so I'm straight. But I can't help but have a girlcrush on Rihanna. I guess you could say I kind of look up to her, but who could blame me? I mean, sure she's had her problems in the past, but she's overcome them with confidence, poise, and class. What more could you ask for? Check out her new single: Russian Roulette. Her album comes out November 23rd.

Vogue Paris, November 2009: Graffiti Couture.

So cool.